Friday, February 6, 2009


Bristol's first heavy snowfall in 18 years.

it snowed today and yesterday.. school was closed and i couldnt get up to winterbourne where my friends were because the bus services were suspended.. but i got loads of sleep and entertained myself watching movies online. i will write another post about jazz's 17th birthday soon. xxxx

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Town today.

i seem to be updating my blog once every month. haha. anyways, its getting into the middle of winter now, we've had negative degrees for the past whole week. not very happy bout that. but the weather's gradually getting warmer for some unknown reason (not complaining though).. exams have started and i have a bloody math exam in 2 days. school and life are pretty good atm, friends both in the uk and back in m'sia. i seem to have found an english version of ah jong in my school. =) i went to town this afternoon with liam, ash and sophie. no special occasion, just sight-seeing and having a laugh with them. oh and btw, it snowed the other day last week.. white cold stuff.. and for your information, the pictures taken were mostly at this SUPER shop called Forbbiden Planet. IMO, the best shop ever! =)

A big thankyou to SARAH LEE EE LING for sending me a christmas/new year/chinese new year card to me!

i'll try to find more stuff to post, if i can be asked to do that. =x love u all. xx

1. Shirts i usually wear

2. SNOW.

3. 1k Halo costume


5. Quality check.

6. Ash, Liam, Sophie, pin.

8. RAWR!! beware the fluffball!

9. God. i love the rabbit.

10. Sweet shop.

11. mmmmmmmmmmm......

12. Statues are fun.

13. sophie.

14. a manly moment.

15. Parkstreet.

16. ummm....

17. Memorial tower.

18. bigass building


20. Jong, i found smth for u~

21. chen. our shelf.

22. centre.

23. windy day

24. sophie and me.

25. Planet distance teller. LITERALLY

26. bye bye people.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the reset button.

Note: this post was written a week ago, wasnt able to upload photos then for some reason....

well... i'm on my bed now, jay's songs on another tab playing, my mind's trying to picture damai beach and deng throwing up; but my body's in bristol. haha. how frustrating is that. sometimes dont we wish we could "jump" to anywhere we wanted. =) soooo... i've been in the uk now for around 3months, the truth about me not blogging so often(or not at all) is coz i dont really have anything to blog about. ><

Given a choice, would you follow the flow or stand out and make a difference to the people around you? touchy touchy eh? this is a hit or miss situation. PEER PRESSURE is very very real; to the people we choose to mix with and even to the extent of what type of clothes we wear. many might think that these are just superficial things; but we will get singled out for the choices we make. Coming to a different country has really made me question my views on certain things and even brought upon a different mindset.. but how do we know whether this is the real deal or not? i guess time and lessons learnt will reveal all. people will never be what they seem; and this really has made me treasure all the people who're close to my heart. *might sound gay to some of u fuckers out there* but i love u all. u guys have made me who i am today and things like this dont go away easily. being away from all the things that have been familiar has given me the chance to start anew, i realised that i could be anyone i wanted in this new country, a second chance, a new face, whatever we call it.. stuff like this doesnt come around often, grab it by the balls and make the most of it.

alright then.. i'm done here. enjoy the pictures. =) xxxx

1. somewhere near Temple Meads. (train station)

2. along Highstreet..

3. Promenade.

4. not sure what car.. but very nice.

5. MALIBU!!!!

6. busy day at Cabot Circus


9. First signs of winter

" When trees are laid bare and the wind chills,
winter comes with lots of thrills!! "

10. Ben and Tom

11. Ash, Liam, Me, Tay